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Demo Submission

Please Read Carefully 

Welcome to the Rhythmic Music Group (RMG) Demo Submissions sections. Here you can submit any unreleased and unsighted productions to the Group.

Please take note of our submission criteria:

  • Don't submit bootlegs, mash-ups, remixes or promos to us. The only remix that we accept must be confirmed to us in writing prior to submission and the artist must have rights to remix the production. 


  • Your Demo must be within our selected genres (Dance, Pop, House, EDM) and must be at a professional and commercial to be successful. Tracks that have not been produced correctly or not at the expected level will not continue in the process.

  • Your demo must be exclusively offered to the Rhythmic Music Group and its subsidiaries, it can not be part of another organisation.

  • You must own 100% of your submission and have permission to use any samples in the song if successful and goes forward for release.

You may assume that once your music has been submitted via this process it has been reviewed by our team. Due to the number of submissions we can not reply to every demo. If you have not heard from us within 45 days please take this as you have been unsuccessful and may offer your demo to other labels. 

Good Luck


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