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Our Story

Rhythmic Music Group, as kown as RMG is a UK based Music Company. Comprised of Labels, Management Teams, Publishers and Artist Service Companies. The Group has built up their reputation through their artists and development programs and is home to international acts in an array of genres as well as producers, song-writers, artists and more.


As part of the groups commitment to the industry and their acts, the company is known for representing and working with future risers. Our teams are built with real industry experience and bring expertise from marketing, creative, fashion, branding, producing and writing backgrounds.

Through the Groups united efforts to showcase and develop rising acts, RMG provide Song-writing, Music Production and Artist Development 'Camps' and works with Labels, Management Companies and Publishers worldwide to deliver new, current and quality music.

Current CEO: Zac Bikhazi


About Us

Our Values

Create Awesome Music!

Be Bold 

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