Rhythmic Music Group

Our brands

Rhythmic Records is responsible for the creation and distribution of its Artists Musical Content in the UK and Worldwide. The label specalises and is recognised as one of the best labels for breakthrough and emerging Artists.

Rhythmic Music Publishing collects and manages royalties in over 160 territories for performers, artists and songwriters.

Rhythmic Records Management and Production is in charge of the day to day activities for our Artists. They find and secure sponsorships, events and festivals for the artists and work with them in the creation of their music.


MainStage Creative is the leading Artist Services & Creative Design firm in the industry. MainStage are responsible for supporting and building the next generation of artists through a range of services. 

MainStage also consists of a Sync Agency as well as collaborative platform for musicians.


FRACTURA plays an important role in the music and entertainment industry. FRACTURA contains some of the largest and most credited playlists in the world giving artists the opportunity to make their music global.