We handle the boring stuff so you can focus on the important things.

What is Music Publishing?

Publishing Companies are responsible for making sure their Artists, Song Writers and Composers receive royalties for when their music is used commercially.

Our Publishing Team track and monitor where your compositions are being used so that you have access to an additional income stream. We can collect your payments from Sync Deals, Placements and your performances on your behalf.


Let us handle your Publishing responsibilities whilst you focus on creating your Music!

Am I Eligible? 

If you fit into one of the following requirements you are able to join our Publishing Division.

  • Are you an artist of composer?

  • Do you write Songs or Lyrics?

  • Do you perform your Songs live?

  • You're not part of another Publishing Company (or want to switch)

We're The New Music Industry

Keep control of your rights

Collect your royalties internationally. Over 160+ Countries

Clear Reporting of your songs performance

Access to Major Music Opportunities and Rhythmic Music Group Brands.

Lowest rates in the industry! We support musicians not punish them!

Benefits of Joining Rhythmic Music Publishing

As part of our Publishing Family, our Artists take advantage of resources from across the group from the Label, Artist Services, Management and other companies. 

We also work with outside partners bringing exclusive deals, products and opportunities to the team.

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