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The Double Plus Fifteen Full Movie Download: An Existential Crisis and a Teenage Romance

The Double Plus Fifteen (2019): A Movie Review

If you are looking for a drama movie that explores the themes of age, identity, love, and deception, you might want to check out The Double Plus Fifteen (original title: El doble más quince), a 2019 Spanish film written and directed by Mikel Rueda. The movie stars Maribel Verdú as Ana, a 45-year-old doctor who is bored with her life, and Germán Alcarazu as Erik, a 17-year-old student who is worried about his future. They meet on a sex chat site and lie about their ages, but soon they develop a connection that goes beyond physical attraction. However, their relationship is not without risks and challenges, as they have to deal with the reality of their situations and the consequences of their choices.

The Story of Ana and Erik

Ana is a successful doctor who has everything she could ask for: a good husband, two children, a nice house, a prestigious job. However, she feels unhappy and unfulfilled, as if her life has lost its meaning and excitement. She longs for the adventures and fun of her youth, when she had more freedom and possibilities.

the double plus fifteen (2019) full movie download

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Erik is a smart and sensitive teenager who has a whole life ahead of him, but he is not sure what he wants to do with it. He faces uncertainty, precariousness, and loneliness in a world that seems to offer him no opportunities or guarantees. He is also curious about sex and love, but he has no experience or confidence in himself.

One day, they meet on a sex chat site called Double Plus Fifteen, where they both pretend to be younger than they are. Ana says she is 35, while Erik says he is 23. They start talking and flirting online, without revealing their real identities or faces. They find out that they have some things in common, such as their love for music and literature.

They decide to meet in person at a hotel room, where they discover the truth about each other's ages. At first, they are shocked and angry, but they also feel a strong attraction that they cannot deny. They end up having sex, but also talking for hours about their lives, dreams, fears, and hopes.

They continue to see each other secretly, despite knowing that their relationship is forbidden and dangerous. They become more than lovers; they become friends and confidants. They help each other to cope with their problems and to find some happiness in their lives.

However, their relationship is not easy or simple. They have to face the judgment and opposition of their families, friends, society, and themselves. They have to deal with the guilt, the lies, the doubts, the jealousy, the conflicts, and the risks that come with their affair. They have to question their motives, their feelings, their values, and their future. They have to decide whether to stay together or to part ways, and whether their love is worth the price.

The Themes and Messages of the Movie

The Double Plus Fifteen is a movie that explores some of the most universal and relevant themes of human existence, such as age, identity, love, and deception. The movie shows how these themes affect the lives and choices of the main characters, as well as the people around them.

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One of the main themes of the movie is the existential crisis of middle age and the longing for youth. Ana represents this theme, as she is dissatisfied with her life and wants to recapture the thrill and passion of her younger days. She feels trapped in a routine and a role that she does not enjoy anymore. She seeks escape and adventure in her relationship with Erik, who makes her feel alive and desired again.

Another theme of the movie is the uncertainty and precariousness of the future for young people. Erik represents this theme, as he is anxious and pessimistic about his prospects and opportunities in a world that seems to offer him no guarantees or security. He feels lost and alone in a society that does not understand or support him. He seeks comfort and guidance in his relationship with Ana, who makes him feel mature and confident again.

A third theme of the movie is the power and danger of online communication and deception. The movie shows how the internet can facilitate and complicate human relationships, as it can create connections and illusions that may not correspond to reality. Ana and Erik meet online and lie about their ages, creating false expectations and identities that they have to confront later. The movie also shows how online communication can affect offline communication, as Ana and Erik have to deal with the consequences of their online actions on their real lives.

A fourth theme of the movie is the importance of honesty and understanding in relationships. The movie shows how honesty and understanding are essential for building trust, respect, and intimacy between partners, as well as for resolving conflicts and problems. Ana and Erik struggle with honesty and understanding in their relationship, as they have to hide their affair from others and from themselves. They also have to deal with the differences and gaps between them, such as their age, their background, their interests, and their goals.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Movie

The Double Plus Fifteen is a movie that has many strengths and weaknesses, depending on your perspective and preferences. Here are some of the aspects that you may like or dislike about the movie:



The performances of Maribel Verdú and Germán Alcarazu as the leads. They deliver realistic, nuanced, and emotional portrayals of their complex characters, creating a believable and compelling chemistry on screen.

The screenplay and direction of Mikel Rueda. Some viewers may find his style too slow, too subtle, or too ambiguous, leaving some questions unanswered or some scenes unresolved. Some viewers may also find his approach too conventional or predictable, following some clichés or stereotypes of the genre.

The cinematography and editing of Kenneth Oribe and Alex Argoitia. They create a visually appealing and engaging film, using different te


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